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Will I be able to use Google AdSense on my Blog?

YES! As soon as your blog is ready, you can sign up for Google AdSense and starting earning money.


How much will I pay to get a Blog from Intek Multimedia?

Our blog creation prices have been slashed down to GH¢200 to help you publish your passion easily.


Will I get any form of support after my Blog is created?

We will provide you with the support you will need in managing your blog. Just give us a chat.

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Terms and Conditions of this project.

Kindly read and understand these terms well before you proceed to fill the form.

1. You agree to pay and amount of GH¢200 to us before the blog account will be set up for you.

2. This amount stated in point 1 is only valid until the end of May 2020.

3. This amount stated in point 1 is subject to changes in subsequent years.

4. You are not to use the blog for any illegal activities and porn videos. Failure to comply will result in the complete termination of your blog.

5. You are not to upload music and/or videos to your blog. You can link them from your Google Drive or other Cloud Storage. Failure to comply will result in the complete termination of your blog.

6. You need to provide Intek Multimedia Web Agency with at most 5 posts, articles, photos so that we can use them to start creating your blog.

7. Intek Multimedia Web Agency will create the blog for you with WordPress within 3 working days.

8. You agree to allow Intek Multimedia Web Agency show these Ads forever;

i. our banner image (600 by 314 px) on your blog homepage

ii. powered by Intek Multimedia Web Agency on the footer

9. You agree to set up and manage your own Google AdSense Account. If you want us to assist you in doing that, the amount to pay is GH¢100

10. You agree to manage your Blog all by yourself. If you want us to handle that for you, the amount to pay is GH¢50 every month.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Email Accounts for my Blog?

Yes, we provide up to 5 email addresses for your blog for free.

Which domain TLDs do you provide for free?

We provide the following domain TLDs for free;

.com, .xyz, .org, .net, .site

How much do I pay for the Blog to be created and hosted online?

You will only pay an amount of GH¢200 each year. Any changes in the yearly price will be communicated to you before hand. THERE ARE NO HIDDEN CHARGES!

Can I sign up for Google Adverts on my Blog to earn some money?

Yes you can. As soon as we set up your blog, you can sign up for Google AdSense and start earning some money. Pretty simple stuff!

Can I upload music and/or videos to my Blog? 

Unfortunately, you cannot upload music and/or videos to your blog. Your blog is hosted on a shared hosting server, and such content will only slow down your blog and also affect other blogs. We therefore recommend that you upload your music and/or videos to some cloud services like Google Drive, SoundCloud, Google Photos, etc, and then link them to your blog.

This makes your blog load much more faster.

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